What is the National Black United Front

The National Black United Front (NBUF) is an organization made up of concerned and committed individuals and organizations who have united to assume responsibility for working and leading the struggle for a better life for themselves and their children. NBUF is a broad-based organization which includes all social, political, religious and cultural sections of the Black community. It is the young, the elderly, the students, the imprisoned, the workers, and the dropout all working together to overcome our common problems. In the words of Marcus Garvey, “Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.”

Why Join

We believe that in order for Black people in America to become a free, liberated and independent people we must be organized. Therefore, we believe all Black people should join an organization that is working in the interests of our people. We believe that the National Black United Front (NBUF) is such an organization and we urge you to join us. Although our condition in this country may be termed critical, it is not irreversible. We must remember that we are a great people with a culture and civilization which extends to antiquity. We must also realize that a raging river of struggle flows through our history in this country which has brought forth all of our victories against racism, political and economic oppression and cultural domination. NBUF is an extension of this river that continues to fight for our people. You should consider joining NBUF because we believe that in these critical times there is a need for bold action and strong commitment to organize for power, Self-Determination and a higher quality of human life. Don’t hesitate to join NBUF NOW!


NBUF is open to all black people who accept the constitution, By-Laws, and Structure, Principles of Cooperation and Purpose. Active participation in NBUF shall consist of attending regularly scheduled meetings, serving on sections that get involved in the concrete day-to-day issues that affect our people, and payment of membership dues.

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1. To struggle for self-determination, liberation and power for Black people in the United States.

2. To work in unity and common struggle with Afrikan liberation movements and people.

3. To build a politically conscious, unified, committed and effective Black mass movement.

4. To struggle to eliminate racism (including Zionism and Apartheid), sexism (the oppression, throughout the world, exploitation and inequality of women), monopoly capitalism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and national oppression.

5. To maintain strict political and financial independence of the National Black United Front.

6. To build unity and common struggle with oppressed people in the United Sates and throughout the world, as long as the best interests of Black people are not contradicted.

7. To continue the political/cultural revolution to create a new vision and value system and a new Black man, woman and child based on common struggle around the needs of the Black

8. To continue to struggle, to maximize, the unity of the Black Liberation Movement and Black people; to eliminate internal violence, character assassination and self-destruction; to establish a viable process to arbitrate all major conflicts within the Black Liberation Movement and Black community.

What We Do

Buy Black Empowerment Initiative: Supporting and establishing Black-owned business to create jobs, reduce crime, stabilize neighborhoods and build wealth in our community.

Sankofa Caravan to the Ancestors: An ancestral commemoration ceremony that offers praise & thanksgiving to The Creator and our revered Afrikan Ancestors. The Caravan seeks to educate our community on African Spirituality, History & Culture.  All faiths are encouraged to participate.

Feed the Hood Project: A monthly survival program that provides those in need with personal hygiene products, medical supplies, food and clothing.

N’Joya Weusi Saturday School: An African Centered supplemental educational program based upon science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM),
as well as the cultural arts.

Sankofa Community Affairs TV Show: A community based TV Show that highlights the contributions of progressive grassroots organizers, entertainers and issues challenging the Black America.

Mass Incarceration/Police Brutality: NBUF facilitates workshops on knowing your rights and conducts outreach directly in the community, educating people on what to do when stopped by the police.  NBUF also supports political prisoners through letter writing, visitation, advocacy and financial contributions to their commissary.

Black Arts Movement: By infusing activism and art, NBUF provides an outlet for artists, students and community organizers to use their talents as an outlet for the creativity side of social justice.

Sankofa Study Circle: A weekly study circle that discusses African Centered Education, world/current events, Ma’at, Nguzo Saba, Black history, heritage & culture.  This is done through multi-media presentations, community forums and workshops. We not only study history, we make it.


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